Buying Commercial Time

Advertising is not a game of luck.  It’s a game of skill and strategy.  Not only do you need a creative commercial, but you need to have it placed where the most people will see it.  Every cable network has hot nights and dud nights.  Duck Dynasty is on A & E on Wednesday nights.  Sons of Anarchy is on Tuesday nights on FX.  Gold Rush is on Friday night on Discovery.  Sunday is the hottest night for AMC with Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Mad Men, all of which are Emmy Award winning programs.  However, no other night is a good night on AMC.  The point is… it is our business to know when the highest rated programs are on so our customers get the most for their money.  We take special care in building a schedule to match your marketing needs.   Using our buying power we can ensure placement of ads to meet your needs not the cable company needs.  We’ve got the edge! And with us, so do you!