Business Plan Updates

Move your company forward by letting GBS help you update your existing business plan.

Move your company forward by letting GBS help you update your existing business plan.

If you have an existing business and a business plan, you have either thought to yourself “Why did I write it….that’s not what happened with my business”, or you have reviewed and updated it as your business experienced changes.

Your plan needs to keep up with changes in the economy, the market, your industry, and your business growth.  A business plan is not chiseled in stone; it needs to adapt to both inside and outside influences and to guide your business through those changes.  Reviewing your plan on a regular basis (monthly is recommended) is important to be sure you’re on-track and following a plan, even if it’s not your original plan.

When a growth opportunity presents itself that you want to take advantage of, you need to update your plan to guide you through this change in a well-thought out manner. This is especially true if you’re going to be seeking investors or approaching lenders.

If you started your business without a business plan – or just had a sketchy plan to start with – (and many entrepreneurs do), at some point you may find that you need a comprehensive plan on paper. Maybe you want to take your business to the next level, or in a slightly different direction, or are planning your exit strategy.  In either case, GBS has the team to help.

We offer a variety of services for existing businesses:

  • Basic updating and editing of your current plan
  • Editing and formatting your plan for a specific use, such as seeking funding or investors
  • Review and assessment of your original plan and where your business is headed now
  • Strategizing with you on how to how to implement a change in your business
  • Strategizing with you on “where to go from here” with your business
  • Assisting you with a comprehensive re-write of your original plan

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