New Business Planning

GBS has the experience to help you plan your new business.

GBS has the experience to help you plan your new business.

You have an idea, a concept, a dream. Is it feasible?  Are you being practical in assessing its chances of success?  There’s a lot of research to do: financial projections, consumer demand, market identification, site location, brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, marketing plans, 5-year growth plans, employment needs and issues, technology and communications needs, supplier lists, licenses and permits needed, and many other details that have to be worked out.  All these questions can add up to hours and hours of researching the answers – unless you have people with the experience to help you.

At GBS, our team is experienced in both business start-ups and management and we have great relationship with the Small Business Development Center, Regional Planning Commissions, and area Chambers of Commerce. We will help you connect with the right resources and write a business plan that will give you confidence in the feasibility of your idea, help you get the funding you need, and act as a guide as your business grows.

We can help you:

  • Develop a Marketing Strategy
  • Identify your Technology, Communications, and Security Systems needs
  • Develop a Sales Systems plan
  • Project your employment needs and create employee materials
  • Select your business Name and Logo design
  • Identify Suppliers for your materials and Outlets for your products
  • Write or edit and refine your Business Plan

Our team is creative and knowledgeable, ready to act as your sounding board, help you brainstorm the answers to all those questions, and find solutions to the challenges that crop up during the planning process.

Contact us today at 814-657-6800 for a confidential discussion about your business planning needs. Every consultation is free and confidential; we’ll give you our written confidentiality promise.  We’re here to help make your dream your reality!