Does your business or organization need to communicate – or improve communications – with your customers, employees or members? A newsletter is a great way to engage your audience.  People like to know what’s happening and feel more connected when they get regular and more comprehensive communication.

No matter what type of business or organization you are, a newsletter can be a great way to build connections and communication between your employees and departments or locations; engage your customers and introduce them to additional products or services; or build participation and support for your organization by informing your members and volunteers – or a broader audience – about your projects and needs.

Where do you start? Talk to us about your goals and what it is you need to communicate.  We can create your newsletter template, from layout, font and color selection, to creation of a great header graphic that makes for a professional and unique document design.

If you’re reluctant because you’re worried about the time commitment for your staff to produce newsletters, relax; GBS can handle it for you. Our newsletter services can be tailored to a level that suits your needs.  We can just create the template for your staff or volunteers to fill in each issue, or we can also do the editing and layout of each issue, or even work with your staff to write the content for each issue based on the information they provide.

Contact our office at 814-657-6800 to start designing an effective newsletter for your business or organization.