Do you need a reference?

As a supervisor and manager for more than 25 years, I’ve interacted with a lot of employees.  Many from 10 years ago or more have called me for a personal reference.  The first thing I do is check their current social media platforms.  Are they positive?  Are they inspiring others?  Are they working to create a better community?  What have they been doing since working with me?

I have denied requests for references based on what I found on their social media.  I’ve had those tough discussions with former employees about how they are presenting themselves and the personal image they are creating on social media.

Social Media is an open book.  It provides an impression of you – what’s important to you and how you interact with friends, family, and the world.  Social media is not a place where you’re just talking to friends.  It’s public; even if you are selective with your connections.  As you use social media, consider the reputation you are building with the things you’re sharing.  You could be burning bridges you don’t intend to burn!

Written by Blog Contributor: Holly L. Gibbons

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