Setbacks and How to Bounce Back

Setbacks are a natural part of life that most of us wish we could avoid. They come in many forms, a rejection email, a decrease in sales, or a negative review. Although we work hard to prevent a setback, it is inevitable that once in a while, a setback will present itself.

Depending on the circumstances it might be tempting to just give up or maybe lash out. Taking some time to recover from a setback can help turn this challenging situation into an opportunity.

Take Time to Compose

Depending on how big the setback was, take a few hours or days to just regroup. Do something you enjoy, go for a walk, get some coffee, watch your favorite show and take a deep breath.

Oftentimes the urge to react immediately will be strong but with all those intense fresh emotions, you’re less likely to develop a composed response.

Taking time to regroup and take care of yourself also helps with moving forward. You’re less likely to throw in the towel or make decisions you regret.

Taking time after a setback makes it easier to grow from it and move on.

Consider What You’ve Learned

Take some time to reflect on how this experience can make you stronger. If you didn’t get that job offer and the recruiter gives you feedback, use that to build yourself up.

Perhaps you haven’t met a sales goal you really expected to exceed. Take a close look at what happened to prevent you from meeting the goal. Use the setback as a way of gaining information. You’re learning about what doesn’t work so you can discover what does work.

Revise the Plan

Perhaps you’ve learned from the setback that you simply need to put in more effort than expected. Set yourself up for success by blocking off time to work on the project.

Maybe you’ve learned that to succeed, you need to focus your energy on a different area.

Whatever you’ve learned about yourself and the goal, use that information.

On the other hand, you may have taken a close look at what went wrong and decided to no longer pursue that goal. Sometimes making the decision to move to a different venture can be one of the hardest, especially when you’ve invested a lot of time and energy. If you’ve taken time and carefully considered your options you’ll know that the decision is not rash and you can move to a new priority confidently.

Setbacks will always be a difficult experience but with perseverance and perspective they can be an opportunity to learn.

Written by Blog Contributor: Kasryn Kapp

Disclaimer: This is not intended to take the place of formal mental health treatment.  If you are experiencing depression or another mental health concern, it is recommended that you seek mental health treatment.

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