Sneaky Ways to a Healthier Day

Creating long-lasting healthy habits can be daunting, but there are many small changes you can make in your day-to-day habits that add up in the long run. Sneak in some of these minor changes each day to feel healthier and more energized!

Get Steppin’

Take more steps throughout the day. Maybe this means a walk around the block, or even just taking the long way to the copier a few times a day. These walks can even turn into networking opportunities to connect with co-workers you never see at the other end of the building. Even if you work from home, taking a quick walk gets your blood flowing and the change in scenery can inspire new ideas!

If you already have a pedometer or Fitbit, you can easily see how many steps you’re taking now and decide how many more steps you’d like to take. If you don’t have some type of tracker, you can increase your steps in minutes by adding short 5 to10-minute walks throughout the day.

Stretch Out the Tension

If you’re really focused on your work, you might not even notice that kink or knot developing until it’s a pain in your neck – literally! Everyone carries tension in different places: the back, shoulders, neck, forehead, or jaw. Over time the tension from stress leads to pain and sometimes headaches. Give your body a break and stretch it out from time to time to help the muscles relax.

Little stretches several times a day can provide some awesome benefits like improved posture, less stress, more energy, and increased range of motion. Where 45 minutes of yoga several times a week might be a little intimidating starting out, the short stretching exercises in the link below can give you the benefits of tension release in a smaller package.

Quench the Thirst

You’ve heard this a million times from your doctor, and probably your mother, but drinking enough water each day has huge health benefits. Besides, being thirsty is just distracting!

If you get bored with plain water, rather than going straight for sugar-packed fizzy beverages, try just the fizzy. There are tons of sparkling water options that might just do the trick. It will also have the added benefit of feeling like you’re indulging.

If fizzy doesn’t do it for you, try infusing water to add some flavor. There are tons of options for infuser bottles, or you can just put the fruit straight in any water bottle. It might not have the sugary kick of straight fruit juice, but it will add a nice fruity flavor and you can skip the sugar crash.

If you’re fine with water but just never think to take a drink, there are tons of apps that would love to help. You can even mark a water bottle to pace yourself throughout the day. Mark on the bottle how much you want to drink by 9:00am, 10:00am, etc.

So go ahead, be sneaky. Start making these little changes for big benefits and feeling healthier every day!

Written by Blog Contributor: Kasryn Kapp




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