Diversity Training

Gibbons Business Solutions - Embracing Diversity Training

Embrace Diversity and Prepare to be Amazed!

In this 2-hour seminar, participants will explore how their perceptions, values and beliefs influence their behaviors toward those outside their culture. Armed with strategies to engage in greater understanding of others, participants will be prepared to be amazed by the possibilities diversity provides.

Topics discussed in this seminar will include:

  1. Definition of Diversity
  2. Embracing Diversity
  3. Exploring the Origins of Perceptions, Values and Beliefs
  4. Personal Cultural Assessment
  5. Strategies to Expand Your World
  6. Strategies for a Better Conversation
  7. Skills Practice

For more information or to schedule a seminar, please call 814-657-6800 or email: gibbonsbusinesssolutions@gmail.com

Since 1987, Linda S. Henderson has been conducting workshops about perceptions, values and beliefs and how these influence our views of the world around us. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Slippery Rock University and Vocational Educational Certification from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is author of “Find Your Spirit” and an advocate for building greater understanding across social boundaries.

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